Alex Shtypula – President/CEO

Our President brings over six years of extensive experience in the procurement, delivery, installation, and servicing of HVAC systems and heating and cooling solutions. A passionate leader, he is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive top-notch services and exceptional customer satisfaction. His deep industry knowledge, combined with a commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in energy and heating technologies, allows him to guide our team in delivering innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions. He is equally fluent in English, Ukrainian and Polish.

Email: alex AT

Max Gorodniy – Executive Energy Strategist

Mr. Gorodniy has more than 17 years of experience working with energy facilities, power and heat stations in Ukraine. Throughout his distinguished career, he has managed and facilitated procurement, delivery, and installation of various energy equipment, while constantly working to innovate and improve the industry. His extensive expertise in the Ukrainian energy sector has led to groundbreaking advancements and valuable insights, positioning him as a valuable asset to our team.

Email: max AT

Sergiy M. Sivochek – Legal Counsel

Mr. Sivochek is a California and New York licensed attorney with many years of experience navigating the complexities of the U.S. legal system and has a proven track record in working with U.S. government procurement contracts, adeptly guiding businesses through intricate regulations and negotiations. His expertise in the legal realm, combined with experience in government contracts, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. As a dedicated team member, Mr. Sivochek’s comprehensive knowledge and diligence ensure our clients receive top-tier services while adhering to the highest standards of compliance.

Email: sergiy AT